Who We Are

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Universal Metals, Inc is an industry leader in trading of specialty secondary steels and non-ferrous commodities. Our mission it to serve our customers with trust and ethical relationship in combination with competitive prices in a diverse market of ferrous and non ferrous metals.
Universal Metals Inc., was established in 1991 https://paperwriters.org/conclusion-paragraph as a corporation to physically trade specialty secondary steel products, such as stainless steel, electrical steel, tin plate products, as well as other carbon steels.
Our purchases were mainly used for export to various third world markets where supply for secondary is in good demand. Since then, we have expanded into four offices with warehouse facilities. We sell items domestically within the United States, as well as to continue our export operations. Furthermore, we have expanded into ferrous and non-ferrous scrap trading to markets across the globe. Overall, we have been involved in the manufacturing and trading of steel and metals for over 30 years and bring credibility and a renowned reputation to companies all over the world. We look forward to not only establishing a business partnership, but also a long lasting personal relationship.

Our Process

At Universal Metals, we source the products we sell directly from steel mills, service centers, manufacturing companies, and steel and metal recyclers. We sell to international buyers by the container and ship by sea, or sell to local consumers via flatbed trucking.
If there is material that you with to procure, we ask you to either contact us directly (Main line: 516 829 0896) or send an email with your contact information.

Our Relationships

Throughout the process of delivering the best product for our customers, we have developed a strong and renowned reputation with those that help us facilitate this process.
Along with the relationship we have with our buyers, we have a similarly excellent relationship with our suppliers. We procure from some of the biggest steel mills, service centers, processing plants, and recyclers throughout the country.
Universal Metals, understanding the quality of material is of dear importance to our customers, has established working relationships with some of the most renowned warehouses in the country. They keep material securely ensuring no damage occurs to the material we pass on to our customers.
Since some of our material is sold for export, we conduct our business on a letter of credit (LC) basis. Our staff works around the clock with banks all over the world to ensure all LC specifications are met, ensuring all material gets shipped as soon as possible.
Our Freight forwarders are recognized around the world as carriers of major cargo. They are selected based on their ease of arriving to the selection port of our customers.
Finally, the most important relationship, our customers. Universal Metals maintains relationships with about 35 major buyers around south and East Asia, Europe, Australia, and the United States. These relationships have been developed through a professional and personal relationship.