Who We Are

Universal Metals, Inc. is an industry leader in distribution of secondary surplus steels, and ferrous / non ferrous scrap.

Our 25 year+ knowledge range in usable steel in stainless, aluminum, and ferrous alloys from coils, sheets, pipes, bars to ferrous / non ferrous scrap in stainless, aluminum, copper bearing, lead, and zinc alloys in solid / bales/ turnings form.

Our mission sigma is to serve our customer with trust and an ethical relationship in combination with competitive pricing in a diverse market.

Established in 1991, built physically to trade usuable items, our purchases were mainly used for export to various asian markets where supply for these usable items were in strong demand.

Since that time, we have grown into 2 warehouse operations and four offices selling usable steel and ferrous / non ferrous scrap both domestically within the USA, and globally with markets in all continents.

We have been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of steel and metals for over 25 years, and bring credibility and essay writer a renowned reputation to partners through the globe. We look forward to establishing not just a business partnership, but a long lasting personal relationship as well.

Our Process

Our processes, in conclusion, is to get steel and metal from A to B.
We source our products directly from steel mills, service centers, manufacturers, or recycling centers.

Locally, we move metal via flatbed trucks, dry vans, and dump trucks, or Globally, via International Sea Containers. We also have a very strong relationship with some of the world’s biggest logistic partners to help us move metal.

At our warehouses, we keep our material secure ensuring no damage occurs. All material is kept inside and safe.

Since some metal is sold for export, we conduct our business on a cash against document business (CAD), or on a letter of credit (LC) basis.

Our staff works around the clock to ensure domestic and export documents are produced and validated.

The ones that receive our products are our Global Consumers. They consist of either end users, mills, or smelters. We maintain relationships with over 100 consumers around the world encompassing North & South America, Asia, Australia, and Europe.